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1-4-3: Epilogue & Flashback

Title: 1-4-3
Main pairing: Siwon x Kyuhyun
Characters: Cho Kyuhyun & Choi Siwon
Summary: Their life after college

6 Years Later

‘Baby hurry up! I need to go’

‘Wait wonnie!’

His 2 years of life time partner came out of their bedroom holding Siwon’s briefcase and tie. His swollen tummy cause the 28 years old man to slow down from reaching his husband. Cho - oops he’s a Choi now – Kyuhyun slowly walked towards his awaiting his husband. He reached him later and quickly helps him with his tie.

Siwon looked down to his husband who’s been pregnant for 6 months pregnant with adoration in his eyes. He never knew that when he decided to marry his sweetheart, Kyuhyun is a special man and could give him heirs.

Siwon of course is beyond ecstatic. His parents and Kyuhyun’s are more than supporting. He really feels happy that he’s going to be a daddy soon.

‘There. Done’ Kyuhyun is wiping his husband suit from imaginary dust and tip toed a little to give the man a kiss.

Siwon of course had to tease his husband. Instead of letting go, he wraps both arm around Kyuhyun’s waist and deepens the kiss. He could hear Kyuhyun’s moan and that make him smirk. He knew that Kyuhyun is a little sensitive this day but he really wants to hear the beautiful sound his spouse make when he tease him.

He let go of the pouting lip and kiss the cute button nose. His arms still around Kyuhyun and the younger also wrap his arm around his tall husband to bring him closer. Well as close as his tummy would let.

‘I’m gonna be a little late tonight so don’t wait for me okay? Sleep early and rest. I’ll get Henry to send you lunch and dinner. I already prepare your breakfast and it’s on the table’ Siwon said in the softest voice while Kyuhyun is playing with his collar.

‘Wonnie’ Kyuhyun whined after he hears his husband is gonna be late.

‘Yes baby?’

‘Can’t I come with you? I don’t want to sit at home all alone’ His pout deepen because he knows Siwon can’t resist him.

‘You know you can’t. I’ll be in the meeting room all day love’ Siwon stroke Kyuhyun’s soft hair while his other hand caressed the chubby cheek.

‘But I wanna go with you please’ Kyuhyun is now stomping his feet like a little child. ‘What if something happen to me and you’re not there’

‘Don’t say things like that Choi Kyuhyun’ Siwon said sternly. He didn’t like hearing things like that.

Kyuhyun on the other hand knew he has push Siwon’s wrong button but he can’t help it! He felt extra clingy today.

Siwon had regretted his tone of voice when he sees Kyuhyun looked down to play with the hem of his over-sized shirt. Even though he can’t see it, he is sure that the younger is still pouting and his eyes may have watered.

He let out a sigh before bringing Kyuhyun closer and lifts his chin so he could take a clearer look. He’s right. Kyuhyun looked like his about to cry.

How can he say no to this adorable creature?

‘I’m sorry okay?’ Siwon said and Kyuhyun sniffed a little before wiping his eyes with his shirt’s sleeve. ‘Umma is going to kill me if she finds out but okay. You can come baby’ Siwon smiled a little and let out a disbelieving chuckle upon seeing the sad look on Kyuhyun’s face turn to a happy grin like a kid on Christmas eve.

‘I’m gonna get dressed. Wait for me okay?’ Kyuhyun didn’t even wait for Siwon to answer before he just dashed to their room to change. Siwon just laughed seeing Kyuhyun’s antic. His husband is just too cute for his own good.

Siwon went to the kitchen to packed Kyuhyun’s breakfast so the younger could eat in the car. He went to the fridge and take out Kyuhyun’s fruit juice to include in the paper bag.

Kyuhyun come out not long after and Siwon can’t help but marvel.  Every time he looked at Kyuhyun’s he fall in love all over again.

Ahhh life is good

Siwon is already on the front door and Kyuhyun run a little to get to his husband site. He joined hand with Siwon and cling to him like a second skin. Siwon didn’t mind at all. The older closed the door behind them and locked it.

                                                                               . . .

I was talking with Yoona about our assignment when I see a very gorgeous boy walking behind her. He looked nervous and kinda lost and I cooed at how adorable he looked. I merely ignored the girl in front of me. I don’t know why but I really want to hear his voice. So I excuse myself from Yoona and walked towards the boy.

He didn’t look up from his papers which give me a perfect excuse to bump him. He looked up at me with his doe eyes and I let out an apology.

I help him gather his things and talked for a little and gosh! His voice is heaven!

His name is Cho Kyuhyun and I found out that he’s a freshman. I would love to have a chat with him more but I remembered I’ve promise to meet up with Yunho.

Once again I excused myself from the lovely creature and walked past him.

And I guess God really love me!

Found out that the cute boy is friends with Yunho’s boyfriend. Best friend to be exact. God is really generous to me.

Now that everything seems to be easy, I’m gonna make sure that he’ll be mine.

Cho Kyuhyun is going to be mine

The End

Tags: pairing: siwon x kyuhyun, super junior
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