tayyyyy~~~~ (fara577) wrote,

Still You

Title: Still You
Main pairing: Kangin x Sungmin
Characters: Kangin and Lee Sungmin
Summary: When the one you still love moved on

I was walking again today and coincidentally saw you
You look like you’re doing well as always
That familiar perfume and still I miss you

I was walking on the street one day heading to my office when I first saw you after 5 years we broke up.

At first I hesitate, thinking maybe I was being delusional again. Maybe it was someone else.

But then you smile that cute smile of yours. I used to adore it and I still do.

You get into a different person’s car, link arms with him
As you smile
I thought I was okay now, I thought I was fine

I was about to go after you, to call you and to explained the misunderstanding that has tore us apart. But before I could open my mouth, a tall guy appears beside you and wraps his arm around your waist. I was furious when I saw you lean your head on his shoulder.

It used to be me that you lean on.

But now everything changed. I was stupid to even think that maybe we had a chance to be together again.

But of course you’ve already move on.

I broke your heart and now I deserved it.

It’s still you, just you, still you

I watched as he opened the car door for you. You were about to get in when our gaze met. I was shocked. You were shocked too.
But then you did something that made me feel a pang in my heart.

You smile and wave a little at me. I could see it on your eyes that you had truly forgotten me.

The tall guy looked confused and said something to you but you just shook your head. You look at me for one last time and get into the car.

I watched as you drove further away from me.

Once again you left. And once again I fail to stop you.

I could only watched and let the tears roll down on my face.


Tags: pairing: kangin x sungmin, super junior
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