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Babysitting Our Maknae: 01

Title: Babysitting Our Maknae
Description: The Eunhae duo needs to babysit K-Pop most spoiled maknae, Cho Kyuhyun.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon
Pairing: Eunhae & Wonkyu

There are not many wonkyu moment cause I want to focus on SJ's hyung-maknae relationship.

A rainy Thursday morning, also a day without schedule are suppose to be a day for one of the most beloved boy band, Super Junior to enjoy it to the fullest. A day like this is hard to come and in their opinion, should be used to sleep, sleep and sleep. The one and only thing that they had deprive lately.

But unfortunately, their super-rich and super-protective member, Choi Siwon just has to ruin their ‘well-planned’ day.

Well not all of them. Just his bestfriend, Eunhyuk and Donghae.

‘Whhyyy?’ Eunhyuk is currently whining to Siwon while the man messages his temple lightly. The latter had planned something special for his beloved but his manager suddenly informs him of a last minute schedule. Luckily it will take a few hours so he still had time for his plan.

The problem is Kyuhyun had already anticipating Siwon’s surprise and the older could only imagine his baby’s wrath. That’s why he had asked the Eunhae to take care of Kyuhyun for the few hours he will be absence to keep the younger occupied.

‘You know why. I’ll just be gone for a few hours and all you need to do is to accompany Kyuhyun until I’m back’ Siwon explained exasperatedly.

Donghae who is sitting on the couch, watching the entire conversation between his two friends, cut in, ‘Oh come on Hyukkie. It’ll be fun watching over our maknae.’

Eunhyuk looks absolutely scandalized when he heard what his boyfriend said.

‘Fun?! Fun! You said it’s fun to look over that... that devil incarnation?! Kyuhyun is a living baby devil for god sake. There’s no fun watching over a devil!!!’ Eunhyuk is grabbing his hair with so much force that Donghae worried he might be bold.

‘Kyuhyun is not that bad. Whatever form he might turn in to, he is still our dongsaeng’ Donghae replied matter-of-factly.

Before Eunhyuk could throw a reply, Siwon’s phone is ringing and it shows the manager’s name.

‘Look I gotta go now. I’ll pick Kyuhyun as soon as I finish’ Siwon leave without looking at Eunhyuk’s horror face. ‘Kyuhyun is in the supermarket nearby to buy his favorite ice cream. He’s on his way!!’

And the door is shut.

                                                          . . . .

‘Where is Siwonnie?’ Kyuhyun asked as soon as he enters the dorm when he didn’t see his boyfriend anywhere in sight. He put down the grocery bag that is full with his favorite snack in it. He had a hard time choosing his ice cream flavors so he ended up buying three pails of ice cream and some chocolates and wine. He also grabs plastics of chips and biscuits.

‘Siwon has a schedule. He will finish it in a few hours’ Donghae walked towards him to see if he bought anything to eat but only sighed in disappointment when all he sees is snacks. No doubt he will be seeing the Kyuline in a few days.

‘Oh’ Donghae see the disappointment in that chocolate orbs.

‘Siwon said that we should keep you entertain while he’s away’ Donghae said cheerfully as he wrap his arm around the maknae’s shoulder.


‘Me and Hyukae’

‘Then where is he?’ Kyuhyun ask as there’s only the two of them there.

Donghae scratched his not-so-itchy head, ‘Oh hehe, he’s out getting something but while waiting for him we could play some games,’ he offered.

Kyuhyun was silent for a moment but decided that maybe he should take up his hyung offer to kill the time.

‘Sure. I’ll go and get my games’

10 minutes later, a wet and drenching Eunhyuk walked into the dorms carrying a black plastic bag.

‘What’s in there? Is it food?’ Kyuhyun asked excitedly while trying to take the bag from Eunhyuk but the older is quicker than him.

‘It’s not something you should know’ Eunhyuk said while glancing at a flushed Donghae.

Kyuhyun pout cutely and tug the man’s sleeve shirt. ‘Hyunggg. I’m hunggrrryyyy.’

Eunhyuk frowned and said, ‘I thought you were at the supermarket just now’

‘I am but I’m buying food for the Kyuline’ The younger continued to whine. It’s raining outside and he is too lazy to go out again. Beside didn’t Donghae said something about Siwon want them to take care of him.

This is a form of taking care. Right?

Eunhyuk sighed and look at Donghae, ‘Look for something to cook in the kitchen’

Donghae obliged and rummaged through the kitchen cabinet. When he couldn’t find anything, he went to open the fridge and thought uh-oh.

Apparently this week Ryeowook is quite busy with his schedule and had asked Kangin to do the grocery. Honestly who in their right mind would ask Kangin of all people to do grocery shopping? Certainly Ryeowook is not in his right mind at the time.

So Donghae closed the fridge door when all he could find was a few eggs and some sodas.

He went to tell Eunhyuk this and the latter groan. Looks like the stingy anchovy need to spend some money on his band members.

So he order some take out but much to Donghae’s horror, the restaurant they called can’t do the delivery because it’s raining so hard.

By now Kyuhyun is not a happy maknae. With a hungry tummy and two not-very-useful hyungs, he started to regret declining Sungmin’s offer when the older invite him to go out. He flopped down on the sofa with a small fake sob.

Donghae looked at Eunhyuk who shrugged his shoulder, a sign that he didn’t know what to do.

Donghae walked over to where Kyuhyun is laying and squatted down to pet his maknae in the head.

‘Look Kyu. You’ve got the snacks you bought for the Kyuline. Why not eat that first and later hyung promise hyung will replace it for you’ Donghae tried to comfort the maknae gently while Eunhyuk just rolled his eyes.

Spoiled maknae!

‘But I’m buying those for Kyuline!!’ Kyuhyun whined at his favorite hyung. Donghae sighed and tried again,‘Yes but I promise I’ll buy it again for you later’

Before Kyuhyun could reply, Eunhyuk’s phone is ringing and Super Junior’s leader name is on the screen.

‘Teukie hyung?’

‘Yes it’s raining here’

‘No we haven’t eaten yet’

‘Kyuhyun bought some snacks just now so we’re going…’ then

‘What??! No!!!’ and

‘It’s raining heavily here! Do you want me to get sick?’

Kyuhyun and Donghae are watching curiously as they watched Eunhyuk talking on the phone with their leader.

‘Fine! Fine! I’ll go. And he’s not your baby!’

Eunhyuk hung up on Leeteuk and looked at Kyuhyun fiercely.

‘You owe me big time Cho Kyuhyun!’ And then he grabbed his jacket and umbrella and stormed out of the dorm.

‘What just happened?’ Donghae watched as his boyfriend yell and curse as he shut the door.

‘Don’t know. But I’m guessing Teukie hyung make him go and buy us food’ Kyuhyun replied smugly as he lied down and watch some dramas on TV.

Donghae didn’t object and silently thanked their leader because he is hungry too for quite sometime. He just didn’t know how to tell Eunhyuk without making the monkey annoyed.

                                                          . . . .

After they – mostly Kyuhyun and Donghae – had tucked a large amount of food safely in their tummy, it’s time for what Eunhyuk thought a peaceful time.

Oh how wrong he could be. He should know that there were no words such as peaceful that can describe Super Junior.

‘Hyung?’ Kyuhyun called out as they relaxed on the couch watching Donghae’s latest drama.


‘I’m bored’

Eunhyuk closed his eyes and hold back a frustrated noise. That is not his problem!

‘Then what do you want to do?’ Fortunately Donghae step in, saving Kyuhyun from Eunhyuk’s wrath.

Kyuhyun excitedly sit beside Donghae from where he’s laying.

‘Hyung do you know the new amusement park at Gangnam?’

‘Yes. Why? You don’t say that…’

‘How about we go there? We still have time before Siwonnie come tonight.’ The looked on Kyuhyun’s face make Donghae instinctively nod. Too bad he didn’t remember one thing.

He’s not really good at driving.

Donghae slowly looked at the sleepy Eunhyuk who had ignored the conversation just now.

Here goes nothing


Tags: pairing: eunhyuk x donghae, pairing: siwon x kyuhyun, super junior
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