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Babysitting Our Maknae: 02

Title: Babysitting Our Maknae
Description: The Eunhae duo needs to babysit K-Pop most spoiled maknae, Cho Kyuhyun.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon
Pairing: Eunhae & Wonkyu

Gangnam’s Amusement Park

‘I tell you one thing. You spoiled him way too much’ Eunhyuk said begrudgingly. Donghae next to him could only smile guiltily while watching out for Kyuhyun who is a head of them.

Eunhyuk looked around the park.

It’s working day. But heck! There are so many people!

‘It’s not my fault though. I don’t even know why I can’t say no when he looked at me with that puppy eyes’Donghae mumbled and pouting childishly.

Eunhyuk sighed miserably. He can’t believe he had to spend his free time babysitting their maknae! It’s not like Kyuhyun is a five years old that will be lost if there’s no one taking care of ….

Wait where is he?

‘Hae?’ Eunhyuk called out when Donghae is distracted with the fish plush that were selling along the street.

‘Hyukkie look at that! Can you buy it for me?? Oh please buy it for me!’ Donghae tugged at Eunhyuk’s sleeve shirt, totally oblivious to the panic look on his boyfriend’s face.

‘Hae!’ Eunhyuk shout to get his attention. There’s no time for animal plushy!

‘What? Why are you shouting at me?’ Donghae looked hurt that Eunhyuk raised his voice at him. He just wants that plushy!

‘Kyuhyun’s missing!’

His jaw dropped when he heard what Eunhyuk said.

This can’t be happening

                                                           . . . .

After running around the amusement park or about an hour with no Kyuhyun in sight, Eunhyuk starts to grow panic.

No no. He was terrified.

What will the members said? What will Leeteuk said if he knew that Eunhyuk are unable to look after one member. One!

Not to mention that one member is the group’s beloved maknae. Oh he is dead. Better dig his own grave now.

‘Hyukkie!!’ from a far he could see that Donghae is running towards him. With no Kyuhyun with him.

‘Did you find him?’ He asked as soon as Donghae is within reach.

The younger shook his head, making Eunhyuk cried in frustration. Siwon is going to slaughter him!

He couldn’t possibly make an announcement. If he did that not only it will draw attention of maybe some fans but it will also be utterly ridiculous that they could lost a 26 years old man!

That would be a big hit; Super Junior Kyuhyun lost in the amusement park because of his two hyungs!

If only they knew that the 26 years old man act like a damn baby!

He could bet on his entire asset that even the EXO boys never lost in an amusement park.

‘Hyuk what should we do now?’

‘I don’t know Hae. I don’t know’ He sit at one of the nearest bench and burry his face in his hands.

‘Siwon is going to kill you, you know’ Donghae said innocently.

Eunhyuk glared at him, ‘How is it it’s my own fault. I recall you were the one who agreed to go to this damn place! If Siwon is going to commit murder, he’s going to kill both of us. So tell me again why you’re not included in his list?!’

‘Because he knows that I can’t even take care of myself. That’s why he asked you to look out for Kyuhyun in the place. I was just helping remember?’ Donghae said matter-of-factly.

‘I swear you are the worst boyfriend ever’

With that Donghae give a piece sign.

                                                           . . . .

They decided to wait for another minutes to clear their mind.

‘I think we should wait by the car’ Donghae suggest and Eunhyuk just complied, letting his boyfriend drag him to their car.

They almost reach their car when they saw a person sitting on the grass next to the car. At first they didn’t recognize who he is but after that, Eunhyuk swore he could cry in relief.

It’s Kyuhyun!

The younger is sitting with his knees to his chest and burying his face in between. He looked like he’s asleep.

‘Kyu? Kyu wake up’

When Eunhyuk looked that Kyuhyun didn’t even budge, he started to shake the younger’s shoulder violently.‘Maknae wake up!’

Kyuhyun wake up with a stun, ‘Ha w-what?’

He looked up and sees Eunhyuk’s angry glare and Donghae’s comforting smile.

‘Where have you been?’ Eunhyuk asked as Kyuhyun tried to rub the sleepiness in his eyes. He stands up and dusts his pants and looked back at his hyungs with a pout.

‘I should ask you that. I was looking for you everywhere!’ He crossed his arm childishly while throwing them an impatient stare.

We were looking for you!’

‘Hyukkie! Ask him nicely!’ Donghae’s slap Eunhyuk’s back although he do it half-heartedly. He then looked at Kyuhyun for some explanation.

‘I told you that I was going to ride the rollercoaster but I guess you weren’t listening as you were in a heated old married couple argument! Then when I was done you weren’t there where I left you!’ Kyuhyun looked like a sullen kitty now with his white sweater. ‘I waited but then I got hungry and decided to buy some candy cotton. And I have to wait again! You know I hate waiting!’

Donghae gasped and rushed to hug his taller maknae to rub his back comfortingly, ‘Oh Kyu! You must be so hungry. Hyung are so sorry’

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes at the cheesy scene in front of him. Kyuhyun released Donghae’s death grip and said,‘Then I decided to just wait by the car’ He looked at his watch, ‘and it took you almost two hours to find me!’

‘You complain too much!’ Eunhyuk said while grabbing his two band members and shove them in the backseat.

The ride back to the dorm are full with Eunhyuk’s frustrated complaint, Kyuhyun’s self-defense and Donghae’s whine because he still didn’t get his fish plushy.

Later that night

Siwon pull back Kyuhyun’s chair for him to sit while the younger is blushing the whole time. Seriously he’s not a woman! Luckily the older had booked the whole restaurant for them.

‘I’m sorry that I have a few things to settle this morning’ Siwon said as soon as he sits across Kyuhyun.

‘It’s okay Wonnie’ Kyuhyun smiled at him.

They were silent for a few minute as Kyuhyun burry his face in the menu book. Siwon had take him to his favorite restaurant and they are so many food that he had to try.

‘So did you have fun with Eunhyuk and Donghae today?’ Siwon asked after they placed their order.

Kyuhyun nod happily and start to tell Siwon everything that happens since he left until a few hours ago. The man didn’t really listen as he was too busy looking at Kyuhyun’s funny expression whenever he narrate a certain incident.

‘…and then I was too tired... Hyung? Are you listening?’ Kyuhyun asked when he sees Siwon didn’t give him any response.

‘I’m sorry. What did you say Kyu?’

Kyuhyun pout. No wonder Siwon didn’t get angry when he tell him Eunhyuk lost him in the amusement park. He didn’t even listening!

‘Urghh forget it. You’re hopeless’ Kyuhyun give up, choosing to focus his attention more to his food. His yummy yummy food.

‘I’m sorry baby. It’s just you’re too cute for me to ignore’ Siwon like to teased Kyuhyun so that he could see the blush forming on the adorable cheek. And he is right. Kyuhyun is blushing madly just by that simple words.

‘Stop that!’

Siwon continued to laugh at his baby adorable state that he is unable to dodge the flying napkin on his face.

3 months later

‘Hyuk! Could you take care of Kyuhyun while I run to…’



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