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It has to be you: 01

Title: It has to be you

Pairings: Wonkyu and more to come

Characters: Siwon, Kyuhyun and more to come

Description: Kyuhyun is average. Siwon is more. Siwon is going out with Kyuhyun but doesn’t take the relationship seriously. But why does he feel guilty for having feeling for someone else?

Foreword: This is based on a manga I read. You might find similarity because I really like the story and I want to write a Wonkyu version of it. Credits go to the author.


The bell rang, signaling the end of the lessons on SM High School.

At one of the class on the third floor, the students are packing their belongings to go home. Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae are all laughing hearing one of Hyukjae’s stories about the cleaning lady.

‘Can’t believe you did that to her!’ Donghae exclaimed while walking towards the door with Hyukjae by his side.

‘Served her right though,’ The older shrugged his shoulder.

The turned around when they notice their other best friend is not with them.

‘Ya Choi Siwon! Do you want to spend the night here?!’ Hyukjae said while watching Siwon slowly make his way towards them.

‘You guys go ahead. I need to see Heechul first,’ Siwon replied talking about his older cousin.

Donghae and Hyukjae exchange glances.

‘Heechul hyung is here?’ Donghae ask while his eyes shining brightly. It’s no secret that Heechul favor this one over the other.

‘Well okay then. We go first,’ Hyukjae drag Donghae before the fish lover could change their plans to have dinner at the new restaurant at the end of the street.

Siwon watched as the two lover made their way to the school gate. The taller made sure that they are out of sight before he grab his bag and walk the opposite way. He stops at the front of an empty classroom five doors away from his.

Opening the door carefully, he spotted a lone figure sitting on his desk doing only god knows what. The figure has pale skin and appears to be a little bit chubby from others his age, dark brown hair that matches beautifully with his big doe eyes.

The boy didn’t seem to notice him so he slowly walks towards him until he’s standing at the back of the boy. He lean down and was about to nib the younger’s earlobe when the boy turn to face him with a startle look.

Cho Kyuhyun

Siwon straighten his back while looking down at Kyuhyun with no emotion whatsoever. Kyuhyun smile a little seeing the handsome face.

‘Hey. I thought you didn’t come,’ Kyuhyun said. Siwon just shrugged his shoulder, ‘Busy.’

Kyuhyun nod thoughtfully and smile, ‘Okay let’s go home’

                                                                              . . . .

They walked side by side without having any conversation except a series ‘How’s class?’, ‘Good, you?’, ‘The same’.

They arrived at Kyuhyun’s house a while later and Kyuhyun thank him as always. But instead of going straight to his house, Kyuhyun look like he has something to say.

The younger looked up at Siwon and nervously play with his fingers, making Siwon frowns with confusion.

‘Do you have any plan this weekend?’ Kyuhyun ask shyly. Siwon think for a moment before answering with a‘Yeah I do. Promise Hyuk and Donghae a game. Why did you ask?’

Siwon silently hope that Kyuhyun wouldn’t say something about going out cause he really didn’t want to. It’s enough that he has to date him. It’s okay. It’s just temporary.

‘Oh’ Whether Siwon is pretending to be ignorant or he really is, he didn’t comment anything on Kyuhyun’s disappointed tone.

He didn’t remember

‘Nothing. Just asking’ He smile, still hopping that somehow miracle does happen and Siwon remember hisbirthday.

‘Okay then. I should get going,’ Before Siwon could make any move, Kyuhyun grab his arm and make him stay. The boy tiptoed a little before putting a chaste kiss at the corner of his mouth.

He didn’t like it when I kiss him on the lips. Kyuhun remember the first time he tried to do so.

‘Say hi to Jiwon for me’ Kyuhyun said before dashing inside, leaving Siwon staring at him guiltily.

I forgot he always does that. Wait! Why am I feeling guilty?

Siwon’s Room

He came home late that night to meet up with Heechul after sending Kyuhyun home. He tossed his bag on the floor and slump his body on the bed. Letting out a heavy sigh as his mind wander to the day, in his opinion, the starts of his youthful doom.

Choi Siwon live a very normal life until one day his sister came home with her face looking like she’s been crying for hours. There’s a boy standing next to her with bruise all over his face. Siwon was about to charge at him and demand what did he do to his sister but the girl, Jiwon stops her older brother.

‘He saves me’ That one sentence make Mrs. Choi sprinting towards her daughter and her savior. To thank the boy for saving her daughter, Mrs. Choi invites him in to take care of his wound but the boy softly decline. After much persuasion he agreed to let his wound treated.

Siwon just sat by his sister when his umma treating the boy. In Siwon’s opinion, the boy seems quite younger than him…

‘Are you a junior from school?’ He suddenly ask. The boy looked startle for a while then answer with a nod.

‘Ah really? What’s your name honey?’ Mrs. Choi ask.

‘Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun,’ The boy, Kyuhyun answered.

‘Cho Kyuhyun? Could it be you’re Kim Hana’s son?’ Mrs. Choi ask again making the Choi sibling exchange glances.

Kyuhyun nod carefully making Siwon’s mother let out a happy shriek. ‘Ommo! This is good. Your mother and I are close friends but we lost contact when I move abroad with my husband. How is she?’

And so starts the interrogation of Mrs. Choi

                                                                              . . . .

Siwon is peacefully watching his favorite show when his mother came and sits next to him with a suspicious smile on her face.

‘Yes mother?’

‘Siwon-ah you do know that I’ve been visiting my old friend, Mrs. Cho? Kyuhyun’s mother?’ She asks while putting her hands on his knees.

You see Mrs. Choi has frequently visiting her old friend and always came back with good notes saying how nice and kind they were. But those good notes aren’t for Mrs. Cho.. instead it is for her son.


Now Siwon could have just ignored it but something on his mother’s tone make him uneasy. She keeps talking about Kyuhyun. At first he thought that maybe her mother really like Kyuhyun and wants him to date his sister but she never talk about the boy in front of her. And didn’t Jiwon already have a boyfriend?

So right now with her mother staring at him hopefully, his gut tells him to run away. Too bad his body reacts slowly.

‘Siwon-ah could you, you know.. take kyuhyun out this weekend?’

‘Why?!’ He is sure he had that scandalous looked on his face.

‘Look I’m just gonna come out and say it okay? I really really like Kyuhyun and it has always been my dream to be a family with Mrs. Cho’

She didn’t finish her talk yet but Siwon has already cut in.

‘Didn’t they have a daughter you could match me with?’ Siwon almost yell.

‘They do but like I said Siwon, I really like Kyuhyun. You know what I’m trying to say, right honey?’

Her mother almost looked like she had lost all her hope which Siwon didn’t understand why. But Siwon being the good son he was, agreed to take Kyuhyun out which is a good decision because a year later, Mrs. Choi died because of breast cancer.

He could feel the tears on his eyes but quickly wipe it away before it falls. It has been a year since his mother left him and he still couldn’t get over the fact that the most important woman in his life had let him so early.

He hears someone knock on his door and looked up to see Jiwon smiling face.

‘Oppa dinner’s ready’

Seeing Siwon didn’t reply to her make Jiwon curious and sit on the bed next to him. ‘What’s wrong?’


‘Yeah right’

Siwon turn to look at her and mess with her hair, making her protest.

‘What is it?’ She asks again.

‘Just remember umma’

She was stunned as her memories with her mother come to mind. She lay next to her brother and look up at the ceiling, thinking about the happy days.

They were silent until Jiwon ask again, ‘How’s Kyuhyun oppa?’

‘Fine. He said hi’ Siwon replied nonchalantly.



‘I really like Kyuhyun oppa’

Siwon groaned before sitting up, ‘Why does everybody keep saying that?!’

‘Because he’s nice and sweet…’ Jiwon stands up and look at her brother ‘..and you’re taking him for granted!!’

‘It has nothing to do with you!’ Siwon said, quickly standing up to glare at her.

‘I know what you have been doing behind his back. You went out with different girls from school and just last week I saw you kiss Yoona in front of our house!!’

‘Are you spying on me?’ He tried to divert her attention because he knows where this is going.

By know the younger had lost all her patience and throw her respect to her brother out of the window.

‘That’s not the point! I know you only go out with him because that’s what umma want from you but that doesn’t mean you can play with him and treated him like he doesn’t have any feeling! It’s bad enough that none of your friends know about his existence in your life but to think you purposely didn’t let them to know? It sickens me! I can’t believe I had a brother like you’

Siwon was about to cut in but Jiwon beat him.

‘No listen to me! Kyuhyun oppa has always loved you and either you’re pretending not to notice or you’re just that dumb. Don’t toy with him like that. If you didn’t love him, let him go. There are a lot of men out there that deserves him. Don’t keep him just because you need someone to warm your bed!’

Siwon stares at his sister long and hard before he finally open his mouth,

‘You’re done? Now listen to me. You’re right about me going out with different girls every week and I have to say it again now that this is none of your business. And yes! I only go out with him because umma wants me to and yes! I didn’t want any of my friends to know. Cause you know why? I DON’T LOVE HIM! I only keep him around until I found a suitable girl I can settle down with and yes you are right again! I only keep him to warm my bed’

Jiwon stares at her brother shockingly and disbelief in her eyes. She cup her mouth to restrain her voice from coming out.

‘You got your answers now?’

‘I really hope one day you are going to regret every word you said,’ She’s out of the room as soon as the words come out.

Siwon sigh hearing her bedroom door shut loudly and punch the wall next to him to vent out his anger.

He slumped on the bed and covered his face as he thought there’s too much drama for the day.

Just forget it Siwon. You’ll be done with him soon enough


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