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It has to be you: 02

Title: It has to be you

Pairings: Wonkyu and more to come

Characters: Siwon, Kyuhyun and more to come

Description: Kyuhyun is average. Siwon is more. Siwon is going out with Kyuhyun but doesn’t take the relationship seriously. But why does he feel guilty for having feeling for someone else?

Foreword: This is based on a manga I read. You might find similarity because I really like the story and I want to write a Wonkyu version of it. Credits go to the author.


Kyuhyun is walking in the shopping mall he frequently visits to find the perfect give for Siwon. The older is graduating soon and he wants to give the man something special. Something the older would remember him.

He realized that he and Siwon are not like other couples who’s being lovely with each other in fact, they’re the completely opposite. He showers the man with his affection and gets nothing in return. But he didn’t mind at all. He loves Siwon.

He stops at a shop when his eyes caught sight of something that he knows Siwon will like. Quickly entering the shop, his eyes sparkle like a little child in a candy shop when he’s surrounded with thousands of accessories from earrings to necklace.

He quickly makes his way to the section that hangs bracelets with different patterns. He chooses one that thinks will suit Siwon and pick the one with a blue diamond on it.

Simple but perfect

After paying the bracelet and thanking the cashier, he walks out of the shop with a beaming smile that could make the hardest rock melt.

He was about to enter another store when his eyes caught sight that makes his heart aches.

Siwon with Yoona, holding hands and looking like the happiest couple.

                                                                               . . . .

Kyuhyun slumped on his bed, still tired of his early trip to the mall. He let out a heavy sigh before making his way to his study desk. There is a photo frame of him and Siwon on their first anniversary. He could see both of them smiling to the camera but he knows there are two different smiles. Genuine and fake.

No doubt being force by his mother

Kyuhyun chuckled recalling those memories. It was good.

But nothing good stays forever.

He let his tears falls down when he remembers the event that evening. Sure he has always heard about Siwon going out with different girls but this is the first time he actually saw him with one.

Being the kind of person who didn’t actually go out too often, Kyuhyun didn’t want to believe the rumors he always heard, choosing to believe Siwon no matter how bad his heart tell him not to. Call him stupid or blind, but he loves Siwon.

What should I do?

                                                                               . . . .

Jiwon is just finishing her last touch up when the doorbell ring. She smile and checked her appearance for the last time before reaching her bag and ran hurriedly downstairs. She opens the door and shrieked seeing Kyuhyun at the front door, ‘Oppa!’

Kyuhyun looked handsome that evening with his white shirt and black jeans. He didn’t tuck in his shirt making him look more casual than Jiwon usually see him. His hair is a bit unruly making him look quite sexy.

‘Hey Jiwon! Ready to go?’ Kyuhyun ask as soon as he saw his boyfriend’s sister. The girl is wearing her favorite blue dress and a headband that matches with her high heels. Really cute.

‘Yup let’s go!’

The reason they dressed up properly is because they’re going to Siwon’s graduation day. The ceremony starts at 3 and they still have 30 minutes to spare. Deciding to just walk instead of using car, the pair slowly makes their way towards SM High School.

After the ceremony

‘Where is he?’ Kyuhyun ask while looking around the place which fills with hundreds of parents congratulating their sons and daughters. A beautiful box with the bracelet he had bought the other day is in his hands.

The ceremony had ended after Siwon is given the Honor Student award. Kyuhyun felt really proud of him.

Now as he and Jiwon are looking for Siwon among the sea of people, he starts to think on how Siwon will react when he gave him his presents.

Surely Siwon will like it. He always wears accessories

They stopped by some of Siwon’s friends who had gathered to congratulate each other. Jiwon pulled Donghae to the side to ask him, ‘Have you seen my oppa?’

‘Siwon?’ Donghae looked thoughtful for a moment. ‘I think he went that way just now. Yoona called him’

After Donghae said that, Kyuhyun and Jiwon exchange looked before dashing towards the direction Donghae pointed.

Donghae is startled when Jiwon just ran off like that and confused as why the hell Cho Kyuhyun is with her?

He caught the same confused looked on Eunhyuk’s face before the both of them ran after Kyuhyun and Jiwon.

Kyuhyun didn’t know why he feel nervous all of the sudden as they make their way to the back of the hall but he can’t help feeling something’s wrong going to happ…


There is Siwon.

With Yoona like he’s been told.

But the situation they’re in right now didn’t prepare him for the worse.

                                                                               . . . .

His arms tighten around her waist as she deepens the kiss and pull his hair. Hearing her moan make him feel excited but before he could do anything else, he heard someone yell.


He broke the kiss only to come face to face with a furious Jiwon, a shaking Kyuhyun and the shocked Donghae and Eunhyuk.

The looked Jiwon gave her made Yoona’s breath hitched before she hid behind him. He looked back at the group of people in front of him and was about to defend himself before Kyuhyun turned around and ran out of sight.

He dropped a beautiful box on the ground.

‘I can’t believe you’

He heard Jiwon’s voice and looked up only to see his sister running after Kyuhyun.

                                                                               . . . .

Donghae and Eunhyuk looked at each other and they knew there is something going on between Siwon and Kyuhyun.

Especially after they saw Kyuhyun’s crying and devastated face when he ran away.

He got some serious explanation to do

                                                                               . . . .

Siwon walked over and pick up the fallen box. At the top of the cover Siwon could recognize Kyuhyun’s beautiful hand writing

He opens the box and gasped when he saw a beautiful bracelet with many little blue diamonds circling the string. There’s his name carved beautifully in the middle.

He looked up to see his friends’ suspicious face.

He looked up feeling like a thousand needles stabbing his heart.


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