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It has to be you: 03

Title: It has to be you

Pairings: Wonkyu and more to come

Characters: Siwon, Kyuhyun and more to come

Description: Kyuhyun is average. Siwon is more. Siwon is going out with Kyuhyun but doesn’t take the relationship seriously. But why does he feel guilty for having feeling for someone else?

Foreword: This is based on a manga I read. You might find similarity because I really like the story and I want to write a Wonkyu version of it. Credits go to the author.


A punch was the first thing he got from Eunhyuk after he tells him the truth.

A ‘I-kill-you-if-you’re-not-my-friend’ looked was what he got from Donghae after he tells him the truth.

He sighs.

This is not the gift he expected from his friends.

                                                                               . . . .

‘Are you out of your thick headed mind!!?’

Siwon cringed. Eunhyuk can be sure damn loud if he wants to.

‘What you did is unforgivable Siwon’

Donghae is calm. But that actually scares Siwon. A calm Donghae is not a good thing.

Eunhyuk chuckled in surprise, ‘And to think you did this to a boy your late mother really favors. She must be rolling in grave if she knew what you did’

Siwon knew better than interrupt them. His friends are furious at what he did and he didn’t want to add another collection of bruise on his face. Or any part of his body for that matter.

‘If I knew what you did all this time Siwon,’ Donghae continued ‘I would never encourage you and take your side. Even if I didn’t really know this Kyuhyun’

‘I salute this boy for taking an interest on a jerk like you,’ Eunhyuk really adds oil on a fire.

‘Watch it Hyuk,’ Siwon said warningly.

‘You watch it!!’ Eunhyuk throws back.

They were silent for a long time. Donghae feel like a big headache is coming any time soon and he put the full blame on Siwon.

Him and his stupidity

He rubs his face harshly before throwing Siwon an angry glare, ‘Give us the boy’s address. Now!!’

After getting the address, Donghae and Eunhyuk leaves the bewildered Siwon alone in the café they’re discussing.

At Cho Residence

Jiwon quickly ran to open the door when he heard the doorbell rang. She opens the door and be greeted with Donghae’s grinning face and a slightly embarrassed Eunhyuk at the back.

She was about to close the door on their face when Donghae quickly said, ‘Wait! We come with piece’

When he looked at Jiwon’s uncertain face, he quickly add ‘We bought chocolate,’ while showing a big basket full of chocolate from different brands.

Jiwon nod her head wisely, ‘Good. He needs it’

She made way so that the pair could enter. She looked at Eunhyuk knowingly but the latter could only show his gummy smile while scratching his not itchy head – a sign that he didn’t bring anything for Kyuhyun –

Jiwon rolled her eyes at Eunhyuk’s gesture, ‘You’re hopeless’

‘He’s stingy,’ Donghae corrected her from the living room, making Eunhyuk curse his friend silently.

She brought them to the living room, with no Kyuhyun there. Donghae looked around for the boy but didn’t find him.

‘Sooo,’ Donghae started. ‘Siwon told what happen’

Jiwon growl and curse under her breath at the mention of her brother’s name. Eunhyuk desperately hope his best friend will make out alive after what Jiwon is planning to do to him.

‘We were shocked,’ Eunhyuk continued. ‘And sorry too’

‘Sorry?’ Jiwon frown in confusion at what her brother’s friend is saying.

‘For having an asshole as a friend,’ Eunhyuk said matter-of-factly while Donghae make an agreeing noise.

‘Oh,’ Couldn’t be more agree

‘Urmmm where is Mrs. Cho?’ Donghae asked.

‘Outstation. It’s been a month now. She’ll be back in three weeks or so,’ Jiwon shrugged.

‘Where is he?’ Donghae ask carefully. Jiwon sigh before looking at the stairs.

‘He’s in his room. You wanna go see him?’

They nod and Jiwon lead them upstairs. She opens the door and the sight that greeted them is either too sad or too adorable.

There sit a boy in Eunhyuk’s opinion are the most adorable creature he ever met. Kyuhyun sat in his bed with his face buried in his pillow. Another three or four pillows are scattered around him and the floor.

Even if he buried his face in the pillow, Donghae and Eunhyuk could hear the boy’s crying and it is so pitiful.

Donghae who has the most humanity feels in him – meaning he’s also a crybaby – walked towards Kyuhyun and sit on the bed. He gathers the bundle of mess in his arms and rubs his back while whispering words of comfort.

Eunhyuk could only watch awkwardly before deciding that at least for once in his lifetime, he should be more … human

He sits on the opposite side while watching how Kyuhyun bawl his eyes out on Donghae. How could that horse did not want to tap this??

After the crying session ended, with Jiwon not in the room anymore, the three silently sitting on the bed. Kyuhyun felt embarrassed that he had just cried in front of his sunbaes. His boyfriend’s friends to be exact!

Are we still boyfriends?

The thought only make Kyuhyun cry again.

‘Hush hush don’t cry. See we have chocolate for you,’ Eunhyuk tried to persuade Kyuhyun to stop crying by offering him the chocolates they bought.

Eunhyuk raise his brow in amazement because he actually stops crying!

‘What’s in there?’ Kyuhyun ask while trying to take a look inside the basket.

‘Lots! There’s white chocolate, dark and the regular one too! I’m sure Hyuk had thrown some strawberry flavors in there,’ Donghae exclaimed excitedly while Kyuhyun widen his big doe eyes.

‘Oh I like the dark one,’ Kyuhyun said, almost shyly.

‘Here you are,’ Eunhyuk grab the dark chocolate he found in there and hand it to Kyuhyun. The younger accepts cheerfully and open the wrapper. Without ignoring the stares from Donghae and Eunhyuk, he quickly eats those chocolate without the cares in the world.

No no. Not eating. Devour those chocolates.

Seeing the cute way Kyuhyun eat, Donghae wonder what bad point the boy had until Siwon had to do this.


Did he ever take Kyuhyun out on a date?! He better be ready if he says no!

As Donghae thought of the possible way to commit murder, Eunhyuk rub Kyuhyun’s hair slowly like a mother would do to her child. And the boy didn’t seem to mind at all. Right now he’ll appreciate every nice gesture after an hour of crying.

‘Done,’ Kyuhyun smile while taking a deep, satisfied breath.

The other in the room could only gawk at the amount of chocolate Kyuhyun consume during a short period of time.

‘Okay look Kyuhyun,’ Eunhyuk started.


Eunhyuk throws him a confused stare.

‘You can call me Kyu. I don’t mind,’ The younger smile innocently.

‘Well then Kyu. You can call us hyung,’

‘Hae hyung!’ Donghae obviously have a soft spot for Kyuhyun.

‘Right Hae,’ Eunhyuk glare a little. ‘We know what happen between you and…’ He didn’t know whether it’s a good idea to mention Siwon. ‘…..him.‘

Donghae could see the sad stares Kyuhyun had in his eyes.

‘Is it true Kyu? That you’ve been dating him for two years,’ Donghae asked and Kyuhyun nod slowly.

‘But..’ Kyuhyun said slowly.

‘But what Kyu?’ Eunhyuk ask. He needs to know. He has to know.

Kyuhyun look unsure for a moment but Donghae hold his hand to convince him.

‘But he never treat me like how he should,’ Kyuhyun finish tearfully.

‘Did you guys.. you know. Sleep together?’ Eunhyuk asked the weeping boy.

Seeing Kyuhyun nod made Eunhyuk want to faint.

So he’s been sleeping with the boy and playing him around? Choi Siwon you are in serious need of some punching!

‘I guess he didn’t take care of you after .. the night, did he?’

Kyuhyun shakes his head.

‘I knew that he didn’t love me when we starts going out. He only did it because of his mother. But then Mrs. Choi is gone but we still sleep together so I think that he starts to change and accept me. So I wait. I didn’t believe the rumors I heard about him because you know he’s my boyfriend and they said trust is important in relationship. So that’s what I do. I trust him,’ Kyuhyun wipe his tears with his long sleeve. ‘But just now…’

The boy didn’t continued as he is too busy crying his heart out.

‘I was so stupid! How can I be that idiot!? Umma certainly didn’t raise me like this,’ Kyuhyun continued crying while Eunhyuk try to calm him down.

‘Shhh shhh kyu. Stop crying okay,’ Donghae make Kyuhyun face him and wipe the remaining tears on his chubby cheek.

I really want to pinch his cheek

‘Look at hyung. Do you want to teach that horse a lesson he’ll never forget?’ Donghae asked.

Kyuhyun looked at Donghae uncertain but an encouraging nod from Eunhyuk makes him agree.

Donghae shares a wicked smile with Eunhyuk.

                                                                               . . . .

‘Oppa where are you going?’ Jiwon asked as soon as she saw Donghae and Eunhyuk drag a confused Kyuhyun with them.

‘My house maybe,’ Eunhyuk answered her worries.

‘No worry Jiwon! We return him back,’ Donghae winked at her. ‘Are you going to stay here?’

‘Hell yeah. I’m not going back,’ Jiwon scoffed.

‘Okay! We’ll send him back later!!’


Choi Siwon is going down


Tags: pairing: eunhyuk x donghae, pairing: siwon x kyuhyun, super junior
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